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Landscape Photography 101

Begins On: June 10th 2017
Time: 10-4
Location: Bend Visitor Center, Bend, OR

Announcing my next photography workshop: Landscape Photography 101! This class will teach the beginning photographer the basics of composition, exposure, focusing, using manual camera modes, camera features and settings, then PUT IT ALL TOGETHER INTO A 13 STEP FIELD WORKFLOW that will make you more efficient and effective in taking high quality landscape photos with minimal fundamental mistakes. Most introductory classes are a loose collection of about 100 photography tips. Then you spend the next 1-2 years putting all those tips into practice by trial and error. I know because I have taken several of them. My class is not like that. I teach you all the fundamental concepts, then tie all the information together into a 13 step framework which will maximize your efficiency and understanding of what you are doing in the field. I developed this workflow by reverse-engineering my thought processes and decision making when I am in the field taking my photos. 

This class is for people who are fairly new to landscape photography, mainly shoot in automatic modes, have limited understanding of camera features and image editing. The class could also benefit an intermediate photographer who feels they could use more efficiency in their processes or is making too many avoidable mistakes in the field. 

The next run of this class will be Saturday, June 10th from 10-4 at the dog-friendly Bend Visitor Center (750 NW Lava Road, suite 160 Bend OR, 97703). 1-2 hours of work in the field, location TBD, is included. Must have DSLR with lens(s) and computer for image processing. Adobe Lightroom software highly recommended, but any image editing software will work. Lightroom is available for a free 30 day trial through Adobe. Itinerary: Price is $200 per person Contact me at 503.952.6811 or email for booking or questions.